Improve searches with no results by dealing with typos, misspellings, and synonyms

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There are always some searches that produce no results. The majority of them seem to be misspellings or typos. What I suggest is to add the ability to create a "dictionary". If an administrator sees any search term producing no results that is a misspelling or typo, he/she could click on such term and enter the correct term. So, if a user searches with incorrect misspelling in the future, the system would automatically direct the search to the correct word.

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Hi Benjamin, 

I mentioned this on the post I merged with yours but wanted to make it easy for you to find too:

We don’t have any plans for something specific to address this right now but I do understand what you’re looking for and why. We are continuing to push forward on additional ML enhancements to search that, in the long run, should mean you wouldn’t need to do this manual work much. That said we’ll keep an eye on this topic! 

Hey Benjamin! 

Our team’s current workaround for this: add a markdown to the bottom of the card and include the typos/misspellings/alternative terms in a collapsible section. Here are the details: 

I hope that helps as we wait for a more permanent/embedded solution!

@Rachel Wiggins is this still your current practice? Do you do this on every card? And do you find that this surfaces the card appropriately when using the collapsible markdown section? Many thanks!

@Lynn Miller Yes, this still is our current practice. We do not do this on every card, but it is an option to add to a card (using the template/card I copied above). 

  • I go through our nil searches once a month, and I’ll comment on relevant cards to add certain terms or misspellings to the keywords section if I can figure out what people are trying to find.
  • We have a pretty robust knowledge culture, so teammates will also comment on a card that they had trouble finding, saying “I tried X and XX search terms when I was looking for this.” And the verifier will add those as well.

And to your final question, yes, we do find that this helps with surfacing in a search!

Thank you, @Rachel Wiggins !! Very helpful indeed.