Improvement requests when utilizing Guru via the Slack mobile app

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We have some users who use the Slack mobile app and we are wondering if there could be some improvements for Guru cards viewed there. 

  1. Long pressing on the Guru card title doesn’t provide an option to copy the link. I actually don’t see this option when using the Slack web app either. Only the Slack desktop app allows a quick way to copy the card link from Slack (unless I’m missing something totally). We often have people needing to share cards in slack, and some are not as inclined use the Guru app shortcuts to “post to the channel” (they are almost always wanting to post in a thread) and the “Answer with a card” shortcut is cumbersome because it takes the entire message as the keywords and almost always has to be edited.  
  2. We also can’t copy specific text from the guru card in the slack mobile app to past into a conversation, like you can in the Slack web app and Slack desktop app.
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