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hello another crazy idea! it would be kinda cool if there could be inline commenting like in Google Docs on cards. I think that NOT having that prevents us from developing stuff directly in Guru. even if it's something that could be turned off/on by the card owner so that maybe during a development of the card, it's enabled. but once published, it's off. or rather, might also be helpful if someone who is a Read Only user can highlight a particular line as the reason they're requesting verification. Lmk if that does not make sense!

Hi everyone! 

We’re making great progress on inline comments for drafts and are close to being ready to start a beta for it 🎉 

Speaking of the beta… we still have room for a few more customers so if you’re eager to use inline comments in drafts please take a look at the beta overview and then use the link in that Card to sign up. We’re aiming to start the beta by the end of the month and expect it to run through most of November. We may not have room for everyone who’s interested but we’ll add as many of you as we can. Thanks!

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Today is the day! 🎉 The draft inline comment beta test is complete and we’ve released draft Card inline comments to all Collection owners and authors in all Guru workspaces. Please see our release note for more information:

Now that draft comments have released, I’ll close this idea as “Complete”. Please create new Product Feedback posts for points of feedback on the published and draft Card commenting experience. Thanks again for all of your feedback and upvotes along the way.