Knowledge alert read rate trends for the team and individuals

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Knowledge alerts have been an awesome helpful tool, but only when the knowledge alerts are read by everyone who gets them. We’d like to be able to track monthly trends and calculate overall read rate percentages so we can determine if initiatives are necessary to increase read rates. Additionally, it would be helpful to be able to drill down and see the percentage of knowledge alerts an individual read over a given period of time so we can follow up with team members who have been consistently missing alerts.

We are currently receiving a customized monthly knowledge alert report from a Guru product specialist via email that shows us how many knowledge alerts each person on our team received in the past month and how many knowledge alerts each person read/acknowledged.

Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that it’s no longer sustainable to be getting these specialized reports every month so my team is hoping that this functionality could be added to the data that is accessible in the analytics tab.​​​​​​

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