Like / Thumbs Up / Upvote option on Card Comments

Just curious if the option to “like” or thumbs up / upvote Guru Card comments would be useful to anyone? I know it’s such a simple thing so I hate that I even brought it up 😂 BUT, 

it’s quicker and more effective then having multiple people chime in on an email chain saying “yes” etc.


Thanks for the suggestion @Elliot Shaw! FYI I moved this over to our Product Feedback area so others who are interested in this functionality can upvote it 😉

This feature would be SO awesome!

Liking / thumbs up to comments and announcements on a card is now possible (in fact all emojis are!). See our update here: 

Thanks for sharing your input with us, it really helps us prioritize. Please keep it coming! 

 @Elliot Shaw @Christopher Lawrence 

AWESOME. Thanks Guru Team!