Markdown Code Block - Add Support for Syntax Highlighting

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I see that the Guru editor supports code syntax highlighting when you insert a code block via the wysiwyg editor. However, it doesn’t seem like there is a way to get syntax highlighting within Markdown content.

Is it possible to get this working? We typically do this like:


// some js code


This doesn’t seem to work and I’m wondering if there’s a different way to do it or if this can be a feature request?




Hi @Alex Kirk 👋 As an alternative to a Markdown Block, can you please try inserting a Code Block and setting the language to “JavaScript”? This block type will display the syntax highlighting.

Thanks @Marie Frei! Yes, that’s what we are doing for now. Sounds like I should make a post in Product Feedback instead if that’s the only way for now. Some background: we ported our technical documentation from Github Wiki into Guru and it was all written in Markdown. This presented a difficulty because in order to have the syntax highlighting, we’d have to transition docs to be wysiwyg instead of fully markdown.

Got it! This context about the import is helpful. Not all markdown engines will apply syntax highlighting. The Guru Card editor uses the Commonmark standard format for Markdown, which is GitHub flavored markdown. I’m checking internally now to see if triple backticks plus a language identifier might a potential solution. Depending on the answer, I may toggle this to Product Feedback for you. I’ll let you know!

Unfortunately, the team confirmed the Commonmark standard format doesn’t support syntax highlighting. I’ll convert this post to Product Feedback and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

@Marie Frei thank you for confirming and submitting the feature request. I really appreciate the quick response!