Move a card to a different collection without going to card manager

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is there a way to move a card to a different collection from inside the card? i feel like i can only move boards but i find myself needing to move to different collections often and i have to navigate to the card manager to find it there

+1 to this.

My Guru account manager recommended a ‘sandbox’ collection for all users to throw things at, then expected will verify or edit etc. before moving them to correct collection.

Which works really well in protecting the ‘master’ collections from being flooded with poor cards.

However, it is so complicated to move they won’t do it.
The gripe is more about finding the card they need to move in card manager. Which requires adding a special tag to the card before hand, eg: ‘moving’; using that to find it it card manager; doing the move; then doing it again to put it in the right board, then removing the tag. 


They expect a menu option from within the card to do choose the new collection and a board in that collection.

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+1! Sometimes I need to just move over one card and it is quite tedious to have to leave the card and search for the same card in the Card Manager.