OpenAI Plugin for Knowledge base Beta Available

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OpenAI announced functionality for plugins today. Limited beta. Requesting Guru engineering team apply to the beta if they haven’t already.



In line with our iterative deployment philosophy, we are gradually rolling out plugins in ChatGPT so we can study their real-world use, impact, and safety and alignmentchallenges—all of which we’ll have to get right in order to achieve our mission.

Users have been asking for plugins since we launched ChatGPT (and many developers are experimenting withsimilar ideas) because they unlock a vast range of possible use cases. We’re starting with a small set of users and are planning to gradually roll out larger-scale access as we learn more (for plugin developers, ChatGPT users, and after an alpha period, API users who would like to integrate plugins into their products). We’re excited to build a community shaping the future of the human–AI interaction paradigm.

Plugin developers who have been invited off our waitlist can use our documentation to build a plugin for ChatGPT, which then lists the enabled plugins in the prompt shown to the language model as well as documentation to instruct the model how to use each. The first plugins have been created by ExpediaFiscalNoteInstacartKAYAKKlarnaMiloOpenTableShopifySlackSpeakWolfram, and Zapier.




Hi @Skyler Reeves, thanks for the request! 

Good news - we already have access to this exclusive developer preview and are investigating ways in which we can utilize ChatGPT and Guru together, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I highly encourage you to sign up for our webinar next week where we’ll dive into all things AI!

As @Jon Saft recently shared here - we are very much thinking about how AI might find its way into the Guru product, and have some very exciting announcements coming soon on that front!

For anyone who missed the Five ways to drive engagement and efficiency using Guru’s AI features webinar, the recording is here. At the end of the webinar, Jon announced Guru is part of OpenAI’s limited alpha program, which is enabling us to build a plugin for ChatGPT. 💫

Hello everyone!

As of today we have launched the Guru GPT for ChatGPT which allows you to utilize the power of ChatGPT with the knowledge and sources that live inside Guru!

Take a look at Rick Nuccis’ post on LinkedIn for further details


If you just want to jump into using the Guru GPT today, you can add it to your ChatGPT environment using this Guru GPT link!