Preferred Limited Card Width

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In a recent update the Guru Cards now span almost the entire width of the screen and the table of contents overlaps the Guru Card contents when opened.

I can understand how this would be beneficial on smaller screens like laptops. However, in my case I am using 2 very large 32” monitors. So now the text spreads across a very wide distance, to the point that it is actually much harder to read, and I can no longer just keep the table of contents opened the whole time I’m scrolling through a card or I can read the contents.


Image screencap with notes:

Would be awesome if you could give it a max-width that kicks in if the screen is above a certain size, or maybe just give us the option in the settings to choose whether or not the card goes full-width or partial. Same thing with the table of contents overlay behavior.


Thank you!

Hi Isaac!

This is actually a mistake! We are pushing out a fix to this to bring the max width of the card content back to its original size, which will then make the table of contents work again.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting this!



This was confirmed to be a bug and we have released a fix. Please do a force-refresh if you are not seeing the changes!