Real-time collaboration on Guru cards

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Hi Guru Team - know that this might be far out on a roadmap - BUT real-time collaboration on guru cards would be rad!
Hi @kelly.parks, thanks for the suggestion! To confirm, do you mean having the ability for multiple authors to edit a card a once, and similar to Google Docs, show who's editing where?
Hi! @chrisanderson of course. Yes that would be super helpful!
To add this - I would love to have the ability for multiple approvers on a card, yet one stays the "main" approver. Example: As admin I periodically make edits on cards, but I want the "approver" to stay someone else. Today: every time I make an edit I have to ask them to re-approve for me which is annoying for them to do. I wish I could just make the edit and mark it as "approved on their behalf" - but only allow super users to do this
^^like a super user verifier who has the ability to verify all cards. That would be cool
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