Revision history: Add dropdown or comment when updating a card

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Revision history has been a super useful feature for us, but cards with multiple revisions can become tedious to navigate. Users have to click each individual version to see changes.

Add a drop down or comment box allowing users to summarize changes when updating a card. This comment would be visible next to each revision date/author/links. Examples

  • updated [x] with new process
  • clarified instructions on [y]
  • removed outdated info on [z]
  • fixed typo or formatting
  • etc.

Value: This would allow read only users and authors to more quickly navigate revision history and understand which changes are relevant.

Additional suggestion:
For insignificant updates (e.g. typo or formatting):

  • give the ability to remove them from the revision history
  • don’t prompt for verification if the author isn’t a verifier

We’ve found these changes:

  • clutter revision history
  • temporarily decrease trust in a card (over something that shouldn’t) and add an unnecessary prompt for verification

Related idea - for the last part (revision history & minor changes - typo/format), only have those revisions visible to authors (and not read only)

@Amelia Altstadt We currently use comments to do this - and it’s the only thing we use comments for! 

Hi @Ali Berman ! Thank you, we’re using comments for this as well. However, it can be difficult to cross reference (especially for threads that have been expanded on.)