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Problem: There isn’t a clear way to see all upcoming cards that will expire/need re-verifying in Guru for a specific time period. 


Use Cases: Going away for a vacation/break for most of December made me realize that I should make sure there’s no Guru cards that will expire in my absence. This could be extended to folks who need to plan ahead (e.g., pre-emptively plan verification parties, or block off time in their calendars to verify large amounts of cards) for their workload. Also, ties in nicely with the work-life-balance by ensuring Guru verification doesn’t take a dip during the holidays/times of the year that vacations usually occur.


Current Workaround Suggested by Guru (thanks @Steph Hardy!):

  1. Use these 3 filters and sort by Last Verified date to see what was verified in December 2020 and has a cadence of "every year"


  2. Repeat this process for last verified June + verification every 6 months
  3. Repeat for each all 5 Verification Intervals. 

Note: It also looks like Guru may be able to pull this info internally, as Steph was able to put together a CSV for me that was much easier to read. 


Ideal Solution: Either add this Next Verification Date as a filter in Card Manager, or at least make it a report that I can export as a CSV on my own - ideally shows the Collection, Board, Card Title, Next Verification and Verifier all on it so I can filter it by a specific collection/board if needed.

This is so helpful to be laid out like this, @brookethebatman! Thanks for taking the time. I hope others will benefit as they prepare for their trust scores to remain stellar through the holiday break :blush:

Can we revisit this topic?

Ideally, having a simple filter that allows the ability to easily capture cards due to expire within X days or X weeks in a specific collection or board, would be great.

As an admin and collection owner, I would like to provide my verifiers with a heads up on cards they are responsible to verify, prior to the date they expire, so they can scope the level of effort they need to accomplish  this. 

I have not found a simple way to do this ad hoc in Card Manager other than what was suggested as a work around for by running reports with varying verification intervals and last verified dates.



Newer Guru user here and I would like to jump on this thread and say adding this filter to the Card Manager would be wonderful as well!  The reasons called out above are what I would align with as use case also.  

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Hi everyone! 👋 I’m popping in to share a development that doesn’t entirely address this idea/feedback, but I notice it is related. The Your curated updates section of the new weekly insights digest email can include a Card you’re a verifier of that is close to expiring (within the next 7 calendar days). More detail about the email can be found in our Help Center.

This feature was just discussed in one of our Project Team’s Implementation Planning meetings and was identified as a feature that would be of great benefit to keeping our trust score as high as possible. 

I want to echo the helpfulness of adding a Next Verification Date as a filter in the card manager, and I would assume this would be fairly easy to add as an attribute since each individual card lists this information? I have been using the Google sheet for bulk updating intervals and verifiers with the API once teams have made determinations on how they want to manage their collections. Normally, I would be able to export info from the card manager and then use a formula to figure out upcoming verification dates (Last Verified Verified every) but since the interval changes using the API holds the original next verification date and only changes the interval after that next date, this makes the formula useless in some cases. Plus having to manipulate the data is just an extra burden.


Why is this most important: Having the approaching verification dates can help me as Knowledge Manager prepare teams for heavier periods of verification and help them strategize how to tackle those periods. 
@Michael Mocerino 

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney, and I’m on the Guru PM team. We’re doing some research around our verification feature right now, and I’d love to dive deeper into some of the ideas shared in this thread—if anyone would like to discuss verification feedback, please grab some time on my calendar!