Send Knowledge Alert to Individual Users

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It would be great to choose specific users to send a Knowledge Alert to.


Currently, you can only send alerts to groups, which is helpful, but ideally we could do both!


Workaround - Having to create temporary groups if you need to send a knowledge alert to specific users.

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This work is scheduled! We’re adding the ability for Authors to be able to send Knowledge Alerts to individual users who have access to the card (in addition to groups - which is already available today). We’ll also be releasing a few other Knowledge Alert enhancements over the next quarter including:

  1. The ability for Authors to send Knowledge Alerts to any group if all members have access to that collection

  2. Showing all Authors on a collection all sent Knowledge alerts - giving them visibility across a team

  3. Allowing users to continue to access Knowledge Alerts after they’ve marked them as read 

  4. The ability for authors to send a Knowledge Alert from a private card

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Hey all - this Knowledge Alert functionality is now available! Thank you for all the fantastic feedback. Check out the post with more information here