Slack integration - indicate earlier read only users cannot add to Cards

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Hi there! We noticed that all users have the option to “Add to a card” (even if they’re not a collection owner) via the Slack<>Guru integration, but when they click this option, the information they add isn’t actually added to the card, which is a pretty confusing experience. Does anyone know if this is intended logic or a product glitch? Thank you!

Hi @Kelly Manikoth! I’m sorry to hear users are having trouble with the Slack “add to Card” action. This feels like a suspected bug and something Guru's Technical Support team can best assist with. I've alerted our team and they’ll be touch as soon as possible over email to troubleshoot with you further.

Sharing an update here to help any other Community members who might stumble across it. 🤓 

Support determined that what the read only users are experiencing is the expected behavior. Upon clicking Publish, the read only user will receive this message letting them know that I do not have the correct permissions to make the Card edit:

I understand why this might be confusing, to let the user down the content creation path only to receive this error message. I’ll convert this question to a Product Feedback post which will enable other Guru users to upvote it and show their support.