Subscribe to cards to get notifications for when card is updated

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This may have been mentioned before, but a common ask by my users is to be able to subscribe to card updates and get notified when something is changed. These users would not be card verifiers, just people on the team that want to be notified of changes. Maybe have an option in addition to 'Save' and 'Save and Verify', something like 'Save and Verify and Notify'

Bonus points for the ability to subscribe a group to card updated notifications (and maybe even card creations on a board/board group). Double bonus points if users could create groups for this ad hoc within a collection without needing to be funneled through requests to the admin.
I love this idea - similar to Atlassian Confluence's "watch" function - and I 💯 agree that the option to follow/be notified should be up to the user, not the Guru admin!

One less thing for me to deal with in my admin duties 😂
Group administration in general is probably my biggest gripe with Guru as an admin! So. Many. Clicks.
If there's one thing I could not have to deal with inside Guru, it's admin stuff
++ to all this! Happy to be interviewed too :slightlysmilingface:
:heavyplussign: from me too!
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Hey there! Steph from the Guru PM team here!

Thank you all for your insights! I'm going to leave this post in "Open" status as we don't currently have plans to prioritize implementing this in our current roadmap. We so appreciate your input, votes, and volunteering to participate in research and we’ll keep this post updated with our plans.

Bubbling this back up! We have had requests for a card subscription feature here at Dataiku too.

Yes! Subscribing to a card would be great, as would subscribing to a collection to be notified of when a new card has been created within the collection.

100% agree this needs to be a feature

Upvoting this! After implementing Guru, one of the biggest points of feedback I got from my team is that they wish they could have visibility into when a card gets updated. 

Adding an update to this - one of my Guru users mentioned it’d be great to see recently updated Guru cards as like a RSS feed, similar to what we have for New Guru cards. We’re going to try and use a Zapier → Slack channel feed workaround for now, but worth considering as a supplementary feature of this feature suggestion.

Big upvote! We recently surveyed our users, and learning about new cards and updates was the lowest rated aspect of Guru usability. I’ve also had a growing trend of users requesting feature enhancements around this (tallied at ~35 users).

Revision history is great for checking the updates within a card, but right now, other than favorites, it’s really difficult to understand which cards have recently been updated. 

Feature suggestions around this topic:

  • Especially love the idea of subscribing to notifications about new cards/card edits for a collection, board group, board, or card for updates!
  • Also wish for the ability to filter results by most recently published, most recently updated, etc.
  • A note at the top (maybe next to the collection/board) on a card which shows the last edit date and user
    • yes you can check this in details, but this would serve as more of a flag of IF you should check details
    • if I see the last edit was 6 mo ago, I’m not going to bother checking details and revision history. But if I see it was 2 days ago, I’m for sure going to click it to expand and check specific changes!


We have this need here at Miro as well! I would also like to add to this request that our teams would like to subscribe to certain Authors or Tags, so that for example if a new card is created that contains a feature tag I am interested in I would be notified of that card being created!