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do you guys have any plans to implement drafts? for instance, i was just working on a card and accidentally closed the tab i was doing it on and now it's gone.

Hey @bzoffka! First, the good news - your draft isn't lost, you can recover it in the Card Manager:
Also, we're actively researching and planning for building in better card drafting capabilities! More details to come, and we don't have timelines we can share just yet, but in the meantime, it would be great to hear any other cases where you'd love to have card drafting.

ok 1. i did not know that existed so thank you. is that new? either way, that's awesome and thanks for letting me know.

as far as how i would want to use drafts, i think it would be good to have a place to be able to just... draft cards. there are a lot of times that i start something and cannot finish because i have to run to a meeting or someone or something grabs my attention and i have to shift gears. having a clear drafts option would mean i dont have to go all in on my cards in one setting... which means i could put more in. i also would like to be able to share drafts internally. for the most part, our support team handles putting in the majority of our cards but there are some things that we have to put in and then send it to someone and make sure it's correct... after it's already been published. im also thinking about our new enablement coordinator - she's supporting both sales and success and will be owning guru, pretty much in its entirety so having a draft option for new and changing internal processes would be helpful for her
Thanks @bzoffka! Recovering card drafts via Card Manager is not new, but I can see how it's something that's easy to miss (I remember having that exact same experience early on at Guru, and feeling relieved to learn my work wasn't lost). And thanks for the additional context, I'm sharing this with the team working on drafting capabilities!
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