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Having some serious formatting woes in a table again in our weekly newsletter. 1) we have multiple authors working in the one card (serving as our newsletter) and the most recent revisions "bumped" all of our previous edits. Now I am trying to pull the previous revisions in to merge the two, only to have serious issues copying and pasting into the table. I have tried all options previously suggested by support team (copying the text into the bottom of the newsletter/ outside of the table, and THEN copy and pasting back into the table format) but this is not working. Help?
Sorry you're having trouble with this @rebecca.downey! Where are you copying text from? I've not tried it yet, but maybe give this a whirl to strip any formatting before pasting into the Guru card table?
If you dm me some of the text you're having trouble copy/pasting, I can try to help you troubleshoot as well.
This would be a convenient time for me to piggyback and ask for:

• Alerts when someone else has a card in edit mode

• Alerts when you're about to save/publish a card that someone else has open in edit mode

Great suggestions @aberman, I'm sending over to our product team now!
Copying from a google document. Then pasting at the bottom of the card (outside of the table) then copying the bottom text inside the card to paste in the table (which had worked before) not so much now. Its okay I just had to spend extra time with it last night to ensure it was correct.

Thanks for this feedback @rebecca.downey, I know the team is actively working to improve the copy/paste experience in the card editor due to situations like this.

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