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Hey all!

So this is going to be a super random suggestion, but is there any way to edit the actual visibility of the templates? It’s a difficult thing to try to explain, but we have 14 or 15 different templates, one for each of the products that we have support, and they’re all getting used.

Our Support Engineers themselves however, only work on a (at most) 2 products, and they can only write into the collections that they work on through the Groups and Permissions that have been set for them, but even if the templates aren’t relevant to that one individual, they still see them.

We’ve had a few occasions when because our Engineers have clicked on the wrong template accidentally, the cards have been created with the default tags from that template, so when people have been searching for the content, it’s not been coming up, or it’s causing some confusion when it appears when it shouldn’t!

So I guess the TLDR question is, is it possible to tie templates to specific Groups / Permissions, so we can ensure that the templates that are displayed are tailored to that users characteristics.



Jumping in to add a couple more suggestions in a similar vein: 

  • A Collection filter added to the Card template modal window would be a great help for people who aren’t sure what to search for and are loathed to scroll through our considerable list of templates. Being able to filter down the templates to only the ones that apply to the Collection where someone intends to house the Card might cut down on incorrect template selections. 
  • Enlarge the “Create Card” window or somehow make it easier to see the list of templates. Even on my large external monitor, I can only see 3 templates at a time without scrolling. Maybe even just make that pop-up window expandable? 

We want the exact same thing.  As a start we’d be happy with assigning specific collections to a given template so an author would only see the relevant templates for the content they are creating.

Adding another suggestion with this great thread:

  • On the “Create a Card” menu where you can access the templates, provide a dropdown menu of folders where people can access the category of templates they want to use… and then that drilldown leads them to the dropdown menu of actual templates to use.

That way, all templates can be neatly accessed under the template menu under “Create a Card.” 

The current workaround we’re doing is limiting the template menu to the 5 templates for the entire company to easily access. All other templates will need to be created within team’s boards and accessed there for a quick copy and paste. It’s not ideal but we don’t want all employees to be bombarded with a list of templates they will most likely never use.

Restricting templates is absolutely necessary IMO. 

  1. Helps clean up the view of all possible templates that get created
  2. Engineerings should not need to scroll through HR based templates, or any other teams, etc.

Can templates somehow be tied to group/collection access?