Update the Android mobile app

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I was very excited that Guru had mobile apps and they’re part of the core workflow for my team so that people can reach information in the field or on business trips. 

Multiple members of the team have an error where the Android version is not updated for the latest version of Android - can this be updated? I’m frustrated that this wasn’t known before we migrated our data in.

Hi @Haleigh O8 👋 The latest version of Android in which Guru’s app is supported is Android 10. I understand this is not the latest version and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this causes you and your teammates. 

Due to the lower usage of the Guru mobile apps, building an updated Android app is currently not on our upcoming roadmap, as our Product team is focusing on adding exciting new functionality to our web app and web browser extension. With that said, the feedback collected here around what features users want to see included in a mobile app, as well as the use case for the app, will be helpful for our Product team should they focus on mobile app development at a future point in time.

In the meantime and as a workaround, the team should be able to access Guru from their mobile device’s default web browser. I’ve revised our Help Center article to reflect this advice moving forward. 

Our use case is for our regional sales managers who are constantly travelling to our customers all over the country - during visits they may not have access to their computer. Giving quick reachable answers without having to fumble with the site mobile version is a much more seamless experience.

+1 @Haleigh O8 We are making a push to expand adoption of Guru at our organization and this limits the accessibility of the information for members of our community. 

@Marie Frei has this been added to the roadmap at all? We’re looking for a mobile experience similar to the browser extension where users can search for content, see recently viewed cards, and access their favorites. Less need for card creation in the mobile experience at this time. 

Hi @Abbey Florence! Thanks for checking in on this one. We're always evaluating our product roadmap and prioritizing feature development based on several different factors. Given the volume of feedback we receive in certain product areas and our desire for Guru to live where our users work, for the moment, we've shifted our focus to address not just the web app and browser extension, but also areas like our Slack integration (which, interestingly enough, is where a lot of mobile users interact with Guru!).

While we don’t have a definitive timeline and most likely won’t see improvements in the mobile experience in the near-term future, it is absolutely something we are working towards. We recognize the long-term importance of mobile and know it's important to support. Using the phone’s web browser to access Guru’s web app is the best workaround at this time. We do hope to come back to the mobile apps after our other integration investments, and will keep the Community up-to-date as priorities continue to develop.

Hi, i know it’s only been a month but are there updates on this? This would be a complete deal breaker for us even after weeks of painstaking selection, you’d be the absolute best for us, but no app is a definite no for us. We’d appreciate any updates. Thanks

Is the android app/GG app going to get any better than the current most basic app? I appreciate a lot of time/resource is now going into AI which we have purchased, but the app is so polar opposite to how great the Web version is, and the Web version is frankly hopeless to use on my android.