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Public cards are a great idea @chrisanderson, have to have a think how we may make use of them. I've got a separate question on cards that are used as templates for other cards. Is there any way to use a card as the base for a new card without copying the content and clicking new then pasting? It would be a nice feature to be able to open a template and then click a "Create new from card" button and it goes straight into edit mode with all the content of the template but as brand new card. Then the user could populate it, walk through the categorisation and verification steps and just make sure they are appropriate before saving it to their desired collection / board. Am I missing this? Does it exist already?
@nick.snelling this is fantastic feedback, and exactly what this channel is intended for! We are actively working on card templating functionality, however I'm not familiar with the specific details off hand. Standby, I'll loop back with more info. soon once I check with our product team.
@nick.snelling I've asked for this every chance I get. :gurulogo: has been super responsive to the feedback. looking forward to templates for :allthethings: in the future.
Hey @lbartell! I'm also REALLY looking forward to when we have card templates 🙂
@nick.snelling I confirmed with our product team that we're investigating and gathering more information from customers on the idea for card templates. If you can share any specific examples of when this feature would be helpful, and what challenges the absence of templates present, that would be super helpful!
Hi @nick.snelling, hi @lbartell 👋 , can confirm that I have been discussing this with multiple clients. You two are not alone!

Currently a workaround reached with one of our clients is to have a collection where the only authors are those that establish the templates and the only content is cards as templates and a style guide.

The templates are tagged and then the workflow is to copy the template with our copy card function, paste in to a new card. and then complete the card.

You could also have a collection where everyone is an author, called 'Drafts', where cards are made for review. For smaller teams a suggestion could be to send a knowledge alert to a group called 'Reviewers' with the intended location and tags included in the Alert.

For larger teams a slack channel may be a better idea, set up as an activity feed.

(Information on Knowledge Alerts and how to set up an activity feed are in our help centre :slightlysmilingface: )

The activity feed is good to know thanks! Wonder if this approach could help with content consistency for your team!
@crojewski Absolutely, and on a broader scope, a "Clone Board" feature we discussed a while back. Our use case is that we are using Guru to do some technical documentation of legacy apps, and would like consistent layout across each board. One card for server info, another set of cards for technical info, and hopefully a public card with support info. Each pulling their respective template.
Hi! I'm Nora a product manager on the Guru team, we're working on templates actively!! I don't have an exact date for launch but rest assured Templates V1 is actively being engineered as we speak 😄 thanks so much all for your interest and persistence around this feature. I'm very excited for its launch!

I'm super excited for this feature. Our team did a big Guru audit and this would be a great tool to make that work have an ongoing effect on cleanliness and maintenance/content submission process consistency. I suspect many teams will be doing that as they scale, so I'm happy to hear that this is a feature being worked on.

Yay! So excited to hear this will be helpful @cderupe and @pwickes! Go team templates :the_horns:
Updated idea status OpenComplete

This work is complete! Information on creating and editing card templates is available in the Help Center here