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Announcements updates: new options for tracking engagement, commenting, and notifications

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Announcements updates: new options for tracking engagement, commenting, and notifications

Hi Guru Community 👋🏻


For the past weeks, we’ve been learning about the exciting ways customers are using announcements in Guru. We’ve seen how important it is for the leaders and execs who send announcements to see how their teams are connecting with the information they share. That’s why we’re releasing a series of enhancements to announcements that will help you see and understand engagement.


Note: Announcements are available on Builder plan and above.


Here’s what’s new for you starting today:


  • See announcement engagement on the Card: Beneath the announcement comment, you’ll see engagement stats. Quickly see the read rate percentage for the announcement (“read rate” is the percentage of people who’ve clicked the “I Read It” button that appears on the announcement). Clicking the read rate text will show expanded engagement information: read rate, open rate, and the names of all users who have received the announcement and whether or not they’ve read it. Before this release, individuals that sent announcements had to manually download engagement stats. Now, all Guru users can see these stats, whether or not they’re the person who sent the announcement. This increases transparency and lets stakeholders at all levels see engagement on announcements.


  • First-time engagement notification: Users who send announcements will get an email, Slack, or Teams message (based on individual user settings) the first time someone reads their announcement. This shows that the announcement is active and people are starting to read it. This notification will include an option to “see more insights”. This will bring the user to the comments section of the announcement Card, where they can see full engagement stats as described above.

  • See announcement text as a comment: When a user sends an announcement, the text they use for that announcement will be added to the Card as a comment. Everyone viewing comments on the Card will see that it was sent as an announcement, along with the time-bound context around that announcement.

  • React to announcements and comments: Users will be able to react to Card comments with an emoji. This includes the announcement text, which now permanently appears as a Card comment. Reactions let stakeholders know how people are feeling about the communications they receive, establishing a feedback loop between announcers and readers.8OxmnIuX9wpo_swa8mNE9ZTGcvsT11zePp0mhPrc7N2-OuaRfb2bM5i7bGyERmEAswv4Zv_YZfkmHb6PDKFzJIWvjOcLntPdor4VQjW1dACWwE0-HoRZXw5L_zPkddG0xNIUqcAOokCDJRzXO7fy5p6EtVT-QM-hARBQnb7d5IR8OCzKqlN_xJq1pQ


We appreciate all the customer feedback we’ve gotten on announcements so far, and we’d love to hear how you’re using them at your company! Post your thoughts in this thread, or head to the Product Feedback section to share your ideas.

This is such an improvement over the .csv and manual process! So great to see visually who has read on the card and giving users the ability to react with an emoji! 

@Devin Luby love to hear this, and glad it’s already useful to your team! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback :)

So exciting! Love to see all of the different ways agents can now engage with announcements/comments. Hoping we’ll soon be able to track read rates of users over periods of time so we can follow up with the ones who are consistently not reading the announcements

This is fantastic! 

It would be really helpful if there was a way to temporarily highlight changes to a card within the card itself. This would be especially useful for card updates: a quick highlight to direct the eye to the new/updated sections, that can disappear once the announcement is marked “read.”

I just sent one out yesterday - I wish I waited 😀. Love these updates.

Love these enhancements! Thanks, team!!


We track compliance for Guru announcements by user, and manually export the .csv files daily to update on a Google sheet. This way our supervisors can see compliance by user (i.e “Mackenzie Jackson” has read 97% of announcements, and which announcements are read/which are outstanding). One thing that would be super helpful for this is if we were able to have the compliance data auto-export into a Google sheet on a regular cadence! Happy to show you more of the document we have set up currently to see if this would be an option in the future. 😊

This is great, my team noticed the announcement comment on the card on their own! Thank you.   

Regarding the “Read Only” role user experience, can you walk us through what they can do and see specifically when it comes to seeing peers read count? Is it expected that they see this much detail and also given access to export data as seen in this screenshot?

A Read Only user told me they tried to export the data as pictured below and did not receive in email (also checked spam). Personally, I am hesitant on allowing this much access outside of Admin/Authors and “Leadership”. I’d like to learn more about that.



Does the extension not allow for comment reactions quite yet? @Nicole Obst 


I love the react ability in comments, thank you!

@Lynn Miller apologies for the late follow up here. Reactions currently don’t work in the extension, it’s on our radar to fix that. Thanks for asking!