Expanding on-Card breadcrumbs to improve knowledge navigation

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Hi Guru Community! 

To help provide more context about where a given Card lives within your knowledge base, we’ve expanded on-Card breadcrumbs in Guru to reflect every part of the knowledge hierarchy. Now you will see the full path to a given Card, including Collection, Board Group, Board, and/or Section (when applicable). Each part of the breadcrumb will be clickable, allowing for easier navigation between the layers of your knowledge hierarchy in Guru.

Expanded breadcrumbs show how individual Cards ladder up to broader topics and promote knowledge discovery.

Providing a full breadcrumb path is important for orienting users within a knowledge structure. Being able to see the visual navigation path from the broad Collection name down to the specific Card title helps users understand the broader context of any given topic.

We also hope to promote enhanced knowledge discovery by making each breadcrumb element clickable. We know that content creators put a lot of thought and energy into knowledge organization; now end users will be able to see more of that organization, whether they navigate through the whole structure down to a specific Card, or simply arrive at an endpoint via search.

For the time being, you’ll only see expanded breadcrumbs on Cards that live on a single Board. We will look to add support for breadcrumbs for Cards that live on multiple boards as a follow up. 

You’ll also notice that we moved the ‘Edit Board’ functionality from the top of the Card to the ‘More options’ menu on the side of the Card to make more room to expose expanded breadcrumbs. You’ll still be able to add Cards to Boards, remove Cards from Boards, and create new Boards all from the Card view, you’ll just find that functionality in a new location.

You can add or remove Cards from Boards in the ‘More options’ menu.

We hope you and your users find value in having more visibility into on-Card breadcrumbs! Thanks to those who highlighted the need for this functionality by sharing feedback here in the Community. You are integral in helping us make Guru better!

Dissenting opinion: As someone in the middle of a project to review 1,000+ cards that are not on a board and move them to the appropriate board, this release has added 1,000 extra clicks to my workload. As an organization that doesn’t use Board Groups or Sections, this release hides valuable functionality as trade-off for a feature that offers us no benefits. 

John, I’m just curious as to how this update causes your organization extra work? Are you using the card manager to manipulate cards in bulk towards their proper location? 

From what I’m looking at, the only thing I see changing is the level of transparency towards a cards actual location (at least from what I’m looking at)


@John Ingram Sorry, forgot to tag you

@Elliot Shaw We have ~1,000 cards that are not currently on a board and need to be individually reviewed to determine which of six available boards each should be on. Since each card is unique, and has to be individually assessed, it’s not a bulk activity.

Previously, you could access the menu to add/remove boards with a single click on the card. Now that menu has been hidden behind the “more options” button, which requires two clicks, essentially doubling the effort to access the functionality.

In the grand scheme of life, 1,000 extra clicks doesn’t amount to much. But it does complicate what was an intuitive process, and hides valuable functionality. And for organizations who don’t have multi-tiered hierarchies, there’s no benefit to gain from the update.

@John Ingram Ah gotcha, thanks for the insight man! I enjoy seeing how different companies are using this product, so your comment piqued my interest. I actually didn’t even realize that you could edit boards from the “more options” section, so thanks! I’ve been leveraging card creation in bulk from a spreadsheet, so I’ve missed a few of the existing features on individual cards.

I appreciate your perspective here @John Ingram , thanks for sharing! Clicks added to a workflow are never fun. With breadcrumbs, we’re hoping to optimize the full available knowledge hierarchy in Guru, which includes Board Groups and Sections. I can see how not using those features makes this update less impactful for you. 

If you’re adding your Cards to Boards within the same Collection the Cards were created in, you can drag those Cards from the ‘Cards not on a Board’ folder to the appropriate Board in one click. That might save you some time! Hope that helps 🙂