Knowledge Fest Keynote: What’s Next for Guru

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Knowledge Fest Keynote: What’s Next for Guru

Hi Guru Community!

It was so exciting to participate in Knowledge Fest last week. And it wasn’t just because I had a chance to discuss Guru’s product vision with you–I was also able to learn directly from customers like you. I attended several sessions where members of the Guru Community shared their best practices around knowledge management and internal communications. It was amazing to see how they are embracing the opportunities presented by the new world of work, and I’m inspired by their wisdom.

I know that many of you were unable to attend Knowledge Fest, so I wanted to share a recording of the Keynote Presentation here in the Product Updates section. 



In this presentation, Rick Nucci, Guru’s co-founder and CEO; Mitch Stewart, Guru’s co-founder and CTO; and I share Guru’s vision for the future of work. During my section, I talk about some of the new ways we’re building Guru to make information easy to find, in your workflow, and trusted.

What does that mean to you? Well, it means we’re investing in several exciting new product areas:

  • Recommended content, so people find knowledge they didn’t even know existed

  • Surfacing insights in Slack, so you can turn your chat app into a knowledge goldmine

  • Customize and personalize Guru for your company, team, and role in new and exciting ways

I hope you’re as excited as I am about these upcoming features! 

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