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New ways to review, correct, and improve accuracy of Answers

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New ways to review, correct, and improve accuracy of Answers

Hello Guru Community!

We just launched a number of updates that will improve the way that you can train Guru to continuously and automatically improve Answers!


AI Training Center

Authors, admins, and collection owners have a new page within their Tasks called Answers. This is a table that will display questions they’ve asked, Answers they’ve edited, and Answers that reference Cards that they are the verifier of, limited to the last 90 days. 

Users can easily sort through questions based on their status (not answered, flagged, or marked correct), and if an Answer was assigned to them to review. Once you click on any question, you can:

  • Review the Answer that was given and see the sources cited
  • Update the status of the question (e.g. mark it correct or flag it)
  • Assign it to an expert to review
  • Edit the Answer’s sources and automatically refresh the Answer


Improve future Answers:

Now, when you edit an Answer by updating the sources the Answer pulls from (up to 3), those same sources will be used to produce an Answer when that same question is asked in the future by any other user. This flow will help improve and ensure the accuracy of Answers across your team. 


New digest and notifications:

Authors will now receive a new weekly digest via email, Slack and Teams that shows a list of questions from the week that were answered with Cards that they verify. 

If an Answer is updated, the original question asker will get a notification via Slack or email.



If you’re an admin, you can continue to see a consolidated list of questions asked in your Guru workspace from Settings > Guru Tools > Answers. 


Do we still have the ability to archive? (I think I saw this previously).

Also, my users who I tested assigning Answers to are reporting that they can see the list to review in their TASKS but when they click on a specific Answer, they are getting the below error message. For reference, we have Answers turned on in one of the two workspaces we have and just starting testing the AI features yesterday:



I am seeing the same error message that @Lynn Miller reported.

@Lynn Miller No, you cannot archive at this time


@Lydia Mellette Thanks both for letting me know I will submit this bug right now

@Lynn Miller @Lydia Mellette Can you try again and let me know if you’re still seeing the error? If so, please feel free to just email me directly at and we’ll get this sorted out ASAP

The error message is gone. Thank you!

Looks good here!