Now in beta: connect Dropbox and search for answers!

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Now in beta: connect Dropbox and search for answers!

Hi Community! Starting today, you can participate in the open beta release of Dropbox as a connected source for Answers. Just connect your company’s Dropbox account, and users will be able to generate Answers based on the information stored in documents and folders.

As a reminder, admins will be able to review all Answers that are generated by Guru, along with the sources used to generate those Answers. You’ll be able to assign any Answer to an expert to have them check it–and the sources used–to make sure everything’s accurate. Check out the help center for more information


Here’s how it works:

  • In the Apps and Integrations page, admins can navigate to the Sources tab and connect Dropbox using their credentials. 
    • This step defines the universe of potential documents that can be sourced for Answers.
    • TIP: If an admin doesn't want their personal credentials to define this set of resources, they can set up a separate Dropbox account with access permissions only to those folders they wish to use for Answers.
  • The admin will receive an email once the Dropbox source is synced. This usually takes a few hours.
  • When an end user asks a question using Answers, their permissions will be automatically inherited so Answers will only be able to generate a response based on documents the end user has access to within the universe of folders initially defined by the admin.
    • FOR EXAMPLE: The admin sets up the Dropbox source to include every folder and document in the company. When a support agent asks a question, only documents from within the Support folder to which they have access will be used. Documents from the Sales and Marketing folders will not be used for that Answer because that support user doesn’t have access to those folders (even though they’re connected to Guru).
  • With the current set of Dropbox permissions that Guru uses to authenticate the Dropbox integration, group permissions are not carried over at this time. This means that a file or folder shared with a group would need to be shared individually with the end user prior to being used to generate an answer. 
    • This scenario applies to both the admin creating the initial connection as well as to users who are getting Answers.
    • FOR EXAMPLE: Carlos, Amanda, and Janelle are the members of the Marketing group in a company’s Dropbox instance. Carlos’s user name has been granted individual access to a working doc that he’s been drafting with colleagues. That doc is later shared with the Marketing group. Answers will be able to use it to generate a response for Carlos. But because Amanda and Janelle are not individually shared on the doc, Answers will not be able to source that doc to respond to Amanda and Janelle’s questions.
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