Release Note

Re-introducing search in Boards, and introducing search in Collections

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Hi Guru Community 👋 You asked and we listened: starting today, you’ll be able to search in Boards again in our web app! As part of this update, we’re introducing the ability to search in Collections in the web app as well. We’ve updated how this works so it lines up with the new navigation and the established search bar experience in Guru. Here’s a step-by-step walk through:

  • Open a Collection.

  • Enter search term in the bar below the Collection title. Your results will populate as you type.

  • All Cards matching the query will appear.


  • To search within a Board, hover over the Board title and click the magnifying glass.


  • You will see the search bar below the Collection title populate with the Board name.

  • Enter your search term next to the Board name. Your results will populate as you type.

  • You will see Cards within that Board that match the query.



This is yet another step on our path towards a much more consistent, familiar, and flexible experience around organizing and browsing knowledge. Thank you for your feedback as we continue to build and improve!


NOTE: This release does not include the ability to search within Board Groups. You can quickly tell the difference between Boards and Board Groups by looking at the icons.


A single folder icon indicates a Board. You can search and filter results by Boards:


A nested folder icon indicates a Board Group. You cannot search and filter results by Board Groups:



We’d love to hear how your team is using this new capability! Leave a comment in this post, or head over to the Product Feedback area of the Community.

Are there any plans to make this part of the URL?
Aka, when i choose to search by a specific query, it’s added to the URL under the “q” param:

If I want to search for this with a specific tag in mind, the tag_id is added under the “t” param:

But when you search within a collection, nothing is added meaning I can’t share a link with someone to show all the results for a search within a specific collection, I have to instruct them on how to replicate the same if I want to share all the results with them (aka here’s everything in XYZ collection related to “tacos”).

would love if this was a thing, Collection searching is great but it’s limited rn in the sense i can’t share a URL of results with someone.

Hi @hyenaspam

We haven’t looked at adding this to the search experience from within a collection, however we are in the midst of adding more filters to the “general” search experience (the search bar at the top of the web app), and as part of that work we’re looking at expanding what makes it into the URL so that filter settings are shareable. I can’t say 100% we’ll get to it right away but it is on our list to look at in that work and I agree there’s utility in it!  

hi @Laura Desmond-Black 

Thanks so much for getting back to me. That’s good to know and no worries if it doesn’t make the list. As mentioned, it’s easy enough to instruct others how to do it so that’s the path I’m going with for now but would love if this does become a thing. One other thing I’d ask to be considered is the Boards but I totally get these are things that might not happen.

Thank you!

Is there a way to clear recent search results in the new “Search for Cards in [Collection]” search bar that was introduced last month? 

It would be nice to have the same or similar ability to clear recent searchedsas we do for the main search bar pictured below.



@Linda Moore sorry no one replied. I don’t think we’re maintaining recent searches for the within-collection view so there wouldn’t be anything to clear. Maybe I’m missing something?

@hyenaspam - it doesn’t apply to the knowledge view discussed here, but we were able to release the URL update I mentioned a few weeks ago today. Check out my comment on this post for details. 

Hi @Laura Desmond-Black Thank you for replying! 

Are you saying we should have the” X” presented to clear recent search results when using the “Search in [Collection]” search bar on left the left navigation?  I checked this morning and I do not. I only have the ability to clear recent results in the main “Search for Cards” search bar. 

This issue: As an author, not being able to clear out previous search results blocks the ability to easily access and use the the add cards inside board/section features.


Hi @Linda Moore

Whoops I had a typo in my last message, I meant we have the ‘x’ for the main search bar and the search bar in the knowledge view.

What I see in your last screenshot doesn’t look like built-in Guru functionality to me, the way it isn’t aligned to the left side of the search bar makes me especially suspicious. I wonder if this is your browser trying to be helpful and suggesting things you’ve typed into the field before. What browser / OS are you on? I’m on a Mac and I don’t have that dropdown in either Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. @Omar Carrasco, perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly, but I don’t think we built anything for maintaining recent searches in this search experience?