Slack + Guru: More powerful than ever with Assist

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Slack + Guru: More powerful than ever with Assist

Hi Guru community! We have a two part announcement today to cover all the goodness of our latest feature, Assist. Assist is a feature powered by generative-AI that helps to refine and edit your writing. 

Not only do you have the power of Assist directly in Guru, but we've also added its summarization abilities directly into our Slack integration. If you’re using the Guru Slack app, you’re probably familiar with this workflow: 

  1. You come across a Slack message or a thread that contains knowledge that should be added into Guru
  2. You click on the message to either create a new card or update a card through the Guru integration 
  3. The raw text is pulled into a card, which typically requires some cleanup and refinement 
  4. You publish or update the Guru card

Now, with the power of Assist, you can wave goodbye to step 3. Assist will automatically summarize or create an FAQ format for you, removing the frustration of editing and cleanup for you and your SMEs. 

Looking for an even better way to identify knowledge gaps and get them into Guru, without manually scanning through your Slack channels? Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack is the AI-powered solution that sifts through your busiest Slack channels and delivers knowledge nuggets directly to your inbox. 

Not using Trending Topics yet? If you have the Guru Slack integration, all you need to do is: 

  1. Subscribe by selecting which Slack channels you’d like the Trending Topics digest to include.
  2. Select when you want to receive your digest, and how often. 

And, you’re done. Guru will deliver Trending Topics digest to you directly in your Slack app. When you find a topic that includes vital knowledge that should be in Guru, you can simply create or update an existing card right within Slack, and automatically have Assist summarize or create an FAQ format of that information. With Trending Topics + Assist, you can discover knowledge gaps and get them added into Guru with ease - no more manual work of sifting through channels, or cleaning up and summarizing long Slack threads.


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