Trending Topics for Slack, new and improved: Share insights with teammates, send digests on demand, and more!

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Trending Topics for Slack, new and improved: Share insights with teammates, send digests on demand, and more!

Last month, we released Trending Topics for Slack, a new tool to surface conversation trends in your busiest channels, identifying where knowledge gaps may exist in Guru. We have been thrilled with the engagement we have seen thus far, having heard from many Guru authors about how helpful it has been in saving time and elevating trends that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and buried behind a slew of Slack threads.

At the same time, we have also heard from many Guru authors about all the ways that Trending Topics could improve, so we were eager to get back to work to ensure the best possible experience. More specifically, we are excited to announce the following improvements geared toward not only identifying trends in your busiest channels, but doing so efficiently and across your entire team.

  • Share trends with teammates: Every Guru Author is able to create own Trending Topics subscription, following the specific channels that are most applicable to their role or area of expertise. However, we know that sometimes, trends can pop up that might be more applicable to someone else on your team. Using this new share functionality, you can quickly and easily share trends, and their associated messages and threads, with specific teammates or relevant Slack channels.

  • Quickly and easily exclude trends using the “Excluded Keywords” list: We know that we’re not going to get it right every time. Despite our best efforts and cutting edge artificial intelligence, your Trending Topics digests might sometimes include trends that you already know about, have already addressed, or are just not relevant to your knowledge management strategy. When this happens, you can now quickly and easily add those trends to your “Excluded Keywords” list directly from your digest, ensuring that you won’t see them again in future reports.

  • Send the the digest ad hoc: After updating your Excluded Keywords, you can also now jump back into the report and re-run your report without having to wait until the next scheduled run. Get those insights whenever you need them, on demand!

We hope these improvements make your life a little easier, but we’re not done here! We have more improvements in the works, but of course, we’d love to keep hearing what you think. Drop a comment on this post and let us know about your experience!

And if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, head over to Slack and subscribe now! ​​If you have any questions, you can read more about this feature in the Help Center.

This is a great feature and our organization would benefit from it. We use Teams. Any chance this could be implements for Teams as well?

Hi @Joann Ramirez! Thanks so much for the question.

Unfortunately, we have no plans right now to add this to MS Teams, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it will never happen! We are currently monitoring engagement and activity on the feature in Slack, and continuing to iterate and improve based on the feedback we receive. Once we feel like we have things in a good place on the Slack side, we will then assess whether it makes sense to replicate the functionality for MS Teams. We will definitely keep you posted!