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Update Employee Profiles Automatically: New HRIS Sync

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Update Employee Profiles Automatically: New HRIS Sync

Hi community,

As part of today’s release of employee profiles, we’re introducing the ability to sync your Guru employee profiles with the information stored in your company’s HRIS (Human Resources Information System). This integration allows admins to stay hands off while keeping employee profiles up to date, and leverage the up-to-date, approved information that’s already stored in the HRIS. You can take this information and finally make it usable to your employees, by bringing it from your HRIS into your team’s Guru instance where it can be searched, seen, and understood by your team. 


Guru uses these synced data fields from your HRIS to populate profiles: User name, profile picture, job title, team, work location, start date, manager. Sensitive information like employee payment and salary data, SSN, etc will not be synced.


Fields synced from an HRIS will overwrite any information that’s been manually entered into their employee profile by a Guru user (except for name, which is always editable). You’ll need to have admin access to the HRIS to set up this sync. Read more about how to set up an HRIS sync in the help center.

NOTE: HRIS sync is available on Builder plans and above. HRIS sync is not used to provision users, only to sync specific fields in profiles.

Hi All,

This is an exciting enhancement! Regarding “Team” information - which field would this pull from Workday and how would that be mapped to Guru? Before we turn this feature on we’d like to ensure it will not override our Guru Group configuration. 

Is the ability to select/limit fields as part of this sync on the radar?



Hi @Abbey Florence, so glad to hear you’re excited about HRIS syncing! The “Team” field maps to a user’s “Job Family” in Workday. Once you enable the Workday sync, users will see this “Team” field on their Guru profile automatically filled out with their “Job Family” from Workday.

Information synced from Workday, including “Team”, will not have any impact on users’ Groups in Guru.

We don’t currently support selecting or limiting fields as part of HRIS syncing, but we’ve heard interest from a few folks! If you’re up for it, you could create a Product Feedback post so other folks in the Community can voice their support for that enhancement. We are always looking to the Community when building out our roadmap!

Hope that helps you and your team get your HRIS sync up and running. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or feedback.

hi @Nicole Obst thanks for letting us know. Are we able to run Guru reports directly from this information? For example once we input all employee profiles from HRIS, I would like to team usage by Manager.

Hi @Linda Moore, I’m jumping in for @Nicole Obst since she’s out of the office for a few days.

Employee profile information is not yet available in our reporting and analytics functionality, but we’ve heard some interest in this capability. If you want to share more details about what you and your team are looking for, or how you hope that would work, you could create a Product Feedback post.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions while exploring Employee Profiles and HRIS syncs.