Release Note

Verification queue update: streamlined columns plus see auto archive Cards

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Hi there 👋 We’ve released an update to the Tasks verification queue that streamlines the number of columns plus adds some new actions you can take, without having to open the Card. When you hover over a Card in the “Unverified Cards” queue, you’ll be able to copy the link or archive it at the touch of a button.

Collection owners and authors on Builder plans and above whose admins have implemented auto archive will see a new tab in the Tasks verification queue screen labeled “Auto Archive”. This will allow users to see Cards that they are the verifier of that are scheduled to auto-archive. From the queue, they can choose to open the Card and verify it (removing it from the auto archive queue) or use quick links to archive or copy the link. 

Learn more about the verification queue and auto-archive here.

HI all. Thanks for these updates to the Verification queue. Anything to help our verifiers prioritize what to verify is an appreciated update. 

To clarify, the Card Usage is views since the card went unverified only, correct? Any thoughts to having that be total views over time (or adding a separate column for that)? While I point my verification groups to this queue to help them prioritize, I also provide an export from the card manager of unverified cards to show lifetime views, as I think that helps me to contextualize what is highly used knowledge. But that list is static, lives in Drive, and is now a separate list for them to reference. Thank you!