Allow Card to keep Verification Date when changing Verification Team

  • 16 August 2022
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We’ve updated internal processes and want to re-assign 1,000+ Cards to a single verification team. Unfortunately, we discovered during testing, that re-assigning Cards individually (or with Card Manager) will reset the “Verified Date” to today’s date. We are trying to avoid having a large number of Cards come up for verification down the road and would like to see if we can keep the existing verification dates when re-assigning Cards to a new verification team. 

Any solutions/workarounds so we don’t have to individually adjust each Card to a specific Verification Date after transferring them to the new team?

1 reply

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Hi @Michael Castillo! 👋

This can be done through our API! 

You’ll want to use the PATCH method, and call this endpoint:{cardId}?keepVerificationState=true 

In the payload (body) of the request, you’ll want to include the groupId of the new verifier, so it should look like this:

"verifiers": [
"type": "user-group",
"userGroup": {
"id": "{groupId}"

Updating the verifier using this method does NOT change the verification date or the verification state (trusted vs. untrusted).

Please note that any user with author access can make the PATCH call, but to use keepVerificationState=true you need to be a collection owner.

Let me know if this helps!