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  • 16 August 2021
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When I paste an animated .gif into a card it plays it once and then freezes on the last frame, as apposed to replying the .gif on loop.


Best answer by Caroline Krueger 27 August 2021, 22:18

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Hi there! I converted your post into a question since it seems more like an issue. Can you provide more information?

  1. Which image are you using? (i.e., if possible or appropriate, can you upload here or provide the URL?)
  2. What method are you using to insert the image (i.e., copy and paste, drag and drop in image upload, file picker in image uploader, advanced image uploader)?
  3. How are you viewing the card (i.e., checked out in Edit mode, checked in in View mode, as a public card)?
  4. What browser are you using?

In the future, feel free to continue contacting Support directly fort potential issues like this. I know we have a lot of places to contact us, but just want to make sure you’re getting the assistance you need in a timely manner. Our team might not respond as quickly in this Community since it’s more for requesting and sharing ideas on how best to use Guru, submitting feedback, and discussing ideas, etc. Whereas Support can typically help with more time-sensitive issues like the one you seem to be describing above.


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Hi there! Caroline from Guru Support here chiming in for Sandy :wave_tone1:

I looked into this a bit and currently when copy/pasting a gif from one source to Guru, the gif will be pasted as an image which is why you are noticing it doesn’t move/loop as expected. This seems to be the behavior of pasting gifs across the board, regardless of the end location. In order ensure that your gif functions as expected, we recommend first saving it to your computer then uploading it using the image upload tool. 

I hope that this information is helpful for you! Please let me know if you have additional questions - happy to chat more! :blush: