As your team has scaled, have you had to change your company's Guru organization?

  • 15 March 2021
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Good Morning all - have a question for anyone with an answer.
As you have scaled - have you found that the way you originally organized your collections isnt the way you need them to be organized as you were scaling.
i.e. you used to have they organized by department and now you have them organized by a less silo-ed structure thats more beneficial to your overall business.
Would love to hear any thoughts, comments, or suggestions.
Thank you all so much!

5 replies

hey @kelly.parks, i think there's always value in organizing knowledge by team, but we certainly have some knowledge that lives outside of team-specific collections. things like:
• company OKRs and strategy
• messaging and positioning
• employee resource group information
what's the limitation you're running up against? is there an example of where knowledge was buried in a collection someone else didn't have access to but needed?
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Hi! @smayernick thank you for the tips 😊 The limitation we are running up against is that when separated by teams - sometimes a specific team member is looking for information in a collection that specifically pertains to them. i.e. an SDR is looking for information in X collection that is geared towards them. People may not be as inclined to go into a collection if it has a team-specific name vs. company/sales process.
that's helpful, thank you @kelly.parks. happy to send some screenshots of some company-wide collections we have, too.
is the ideal search experience searching through the extension? through the web app using the search bar? or navigating through collections in the web app and drilling down?
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You are welcome! and that would be helpful if you can :slightlysmilingface: The ultimate goal is not entirely about where they find the information, but more that they find it in a short amount of time.
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Hi @smayernick, I'd love to see how the Guru team has arranged their collections! Currently going through the same exercise and restructuring our collections