Automatic creation of competitor intelligence cards

  • 10 May 2022
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I have a goal to automate creation of cards that include info about our competitors so we don't need a human author.


We explored some softwares such as Crayon and Klue who can do that, but it's quite expensive and I want house the info on Guru.


Caroline from Guru suggested using 1. Guru knowledge clipper or 2. Zapier integration to trigger card creation based on a certain action


Curious to know how other users add competitor intelligence cards to their collection without having to manually scrape the internet for info about their competitors!


Thanks all!

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Hey @Alice Jin ! I love the thinking here. I don’t have any immediate examples to expand on beyond Caroline’s suggestions, but if you are free, we’ll be chatting about competitor battle Cards in this week’s Sales discussion at Thursday’s Deep Dive. Please join if you can, and we’ll put our heads together! :) You can RSVP here