Best Practices around using Guru as a Wiki

  • 25 March 2022
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We are in the implementation stage with our Guru platform and going to launch in early April.

Looking for best practices around the "Wiki" part of our launch and engaging our team to get all their knowledge into Guru.   

We are planning to launch with a base foundation of knowledge 10-20% or so with clear guides and templates on how to add content. Then planning to have a call to action for the 50 paid seats to help build out this resource.  Any best practice on how we can leverage the wiki part of Guru to get all the amazing knowledge out of peoples brains and into Guru?  Thank you.


2 replies

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Hi @Rob Mueller ! This is such an exciting time for your team. I’m interested to hear how the rollout has been going. Happy to share some insights I’ve picked up along the way from other customers and connect you. 


It sounds like you are balancing 1) populating the Guru instance as it exists today with the support of your broader team and 2) building internal communications habits so that folks naturally document in Guru first to allow you to Guru to successfully serve as your company wiki over time. 


Re: Rallying stakeholders for content population: 

  • I recommend getting a smaller group together from those 50 stakeholders to serve as your Guru advocates and examples of the behavior you want to drive. This group could become your Knowledge Council, a group of representatives from your company that work together to maintain Guru at its highest level and ensure the needs of all departments are being met.

  • I think you will find our recent Deep Dive about Structuring content valuable, especially @Jag Gill ‘s approach recruiting folks from other teams to dedicate time to organize knowledge and populate everything in Guru. 

  •  It’s great to hear you are rooting all stakeholders/content creators around guidelines for content creation. This will help with uniformity/consistency of Cards. @Jacob Touchette has crafted a Template for that to live in Guru if you want to check it out. 

  • @Caroline Svenson and @Gabriel Ginorio  have both experimented with content blitzes - group get togethers over Zoom or IRL, where a group of your stakeholders puts on some jams, grabs some food, and knocks out Guru Card creation. Holding an internal event like that could help close knowledge gaps as you build up goals to populate and maintain knowledge over time.​​​​​​


Re: Distributing content creation and maintenance overtime

  • Consider creating a knowledge council or assigning collection owners that help manage all of the authors there contributing and maintaining knowledge
  • Use our Slackbot integration - If you use Slack, this help keeps Guru Card creation and management directly where the questions and collaborations are happening.
  • Share this quickstart guide to all of your Guru authors!

Deep Dives to check out: 


Keep us updated! Good luck. 

Wow @Callie Rojewski thank you for all the great ideas.  I will work to review these in the coming days.  We officially just launched to all of our paid users on Tuesday of this week so we are really just getting started.  

Over all the feedback we have heard when we introduce Guru to our teams and managers is “That looks like a great idea and cool solution to some of our challenges but...”  The but is how overwhelmed our teams and managers are with day to day and the possibility to have to learn yet another platform.  They do see the forest through the trees but it’s all so new. We need to work on strategies to get a core group creating cards and populating Guru. Your above suggestions are very helpful. Since we just launched we are going to give it a few weeks for our team to get their logins sorted and take some of the trainings.

Thanks again for your time to respond.