Best Video tool to embed in a card?

  • 13 September 2022
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We’re planning on incorporating videos into many of our cards as we develop our content. We have been using Loom so far, but does anyone use something they like better? We’re lukewarm on Loom, it does the trick but we don’t like how the preview appears on the card before it’s played. 

What are others using to record videos for content in their cards? Do you have something that you especially like with it’s integration in Guru? 

1 reply

We embed videos hosted on Loom in Guru Cards most frequently I’d say, but we also occasionally embed videos hosted on Google Drive and Wistia as well! I honestly don’t have a strong preference in terms of UI of the player preview. Re: Loom, here’s a separate thread in case you want to get input from other Loom users: