Brooke Wayne from Freshbooks - Template Spotlight

  • 6 November 2020
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:brain: *Template Spotlight:* Product Feature Support Troubleshooting📓
By @bwayneProgram Lead - Communications at Freshbooks 🍃
> "When a product doesn't work the way it's supposed to, we want to ensure our agents have the information readily available to troubleshoot and solve the customer's issue effectively. This template keeps all the details in one central place, in case the issues overlap, and the anchored links helps our agents jump to the right spot on a card quickly. No problem is too intimidating when all this information is laid out clearly for our agents like this template." -Brooke Wayne
*Check out and copy the template here. Have questions about the template, or your own examples of using Guru for competitive intel? Snap a screenshot and share in the thread so we can all learn and grow together!*Template for Product Feature Support Troubleshooting

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