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  • 12 January 2024
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Hey all - few questions if somebody can assist?

  1. I asked this question awhile ago on a separate thread. Am I missing a one click option from the browser extension that opens a window to the webapp. Particularly if I need some functionality I can’t do in the extension?
  2. Is there a way to remove the Guru icon when the extension has been open but collapsed that I am missing? I know you can toggle it from side to side and click and drag it vertically, but anything to remove it altogether?
  3. Also, when you move the location of the Guru icon vertically, it doesn’t seem to persist across new browser windows (so new window, open extension, when collapsing the extension the tab doesn’t seem to collapse at the same place.)


8 replies


Our team is also experiencing a similar frustration (your second and third questions). Hope someone has a suggestion soon!

That hover icon is a crazy feature, what are you thinking!?

Really? Is the only solution to uninstall the extension?

Came here looking for answers to #2 and #3 as well. Looking forward to figuring out how to fix these.

Edit: My post from above repeated twice because this community forum bugged out.

Same question with item 2, this gets in the way and is more hassle than help.


After a quick look, it seems the Guru team decided to add a new class called `.PersistDraggableExtensionTab` to the DOM. See below:


#guru-shadow-inner .PersistDraggableExtensionTab.ghq-draggable-tab-right {
right: 0;


One could override this behavior by modifying the root files of the Guru extension itself (which will just get overwritten when the extension updates unless you toggle developer mode on, download the extension locally, and don’t update it anymore).

To handle updates, one could write a script that that constantly scans Guru’s extension files for the modification (unless they decide to change the class name or something) and update it when it finds it.




...and this may sound crazy...Guru could just give us the option to toggle this behavior off or revert their CSS to the way it was before and stop trying to hijack their customer’s browser real estate. 🏴‍☠️

Guru have sent me this reply to a support request about the persistent ‘G’:

This is a bug that is known to our engineering team; a fix has been found and will be live shortly. 

That’s good to hear @David Bower. It appears fixed now.