Can I see who all has verified a single card from creation?

  • 13 July 2023
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I’ve looked at the new analytics (card level and the dashboard) and I don’t see a way to see who has verified a single card for all of its history. From the card’s revision history, I’ve noticed that if someone doesn’t make any edits to a card when they verify, it doesn’t record it in the revision history. And the card only let’s you see the most recent Verifier/verified date. Am I missing a way to see who else has verified a card in the past before the most recent verification? Thank you!! 

2 replies

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Thoughts I might circle back to this. @Michael Mocerino , any insight here? Thanks!

Seeking help to track historical card verifications. New analytics don't show who has verified a card throughout its history. Revision history doesn't record non-edit verifications. Is there a way to access past verifiers? Thanks for any insights!