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  • 4 August 2021
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Can we add a filter in card manager: IS NOT ON BOARD


Best answer by Mary Houston 4 August 2021, 23:22

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Thanks for posting @Monica Alves

Are you looking for filtering for a particular Board or are you generally looking for cards not on a board? 

If you want to be able to filter for cards that are not on a specific board, I would suggest posting this as feedback in the Product Feedback section. If you are generally looking for Cards that are not on any Board, you can use the below filter in Card Manager: 


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Hellow. I want to filter cards there is not on an especific board. Is it posible?

Or to have checkbox to filter more than a espefic one. Because i think i can filter only one board at a time, but i want to see more than one in the same time.

I can explain to you what we do. There some cards that we don’t need to verify anymore as we don’t have this option to not verify anymore, we create a board to move all these cards. And to control cards to verify there is not in this board, i couldn’t find a easy way unless exporting and do this in excel.


Can you help me?



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@Monica Alves Hi Monica, thanks for sharing more about your use case. We don’t currently have a way to filter for Cards not on a Board via the Card Manager - I would recommend sharing this as an idea in our Product Feedback category!

I’m wondering as a workaround if you could add a tag to all of the Cards in that Board? You can bulk add tags via the Card Manager. From here, you could then filter for all the Cards that do not have that tag:

Do you think that this workaround could work for your team in the meantime? 

  • If there are Cards that your team no longer needs/uses but you don’t want to delete permanently, you can archive them (Although they will no longer appear in search or your regular Collections). 
  • Even though you can’t turn “off” verification for Cards, since you can set a custom verification interval you could set one for 10+ years in the future so that the Card will not become unverified anytime soon

Would any of these options be helpful for you? 

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That works, i’ve already think about it, but we’re gonna have to add one more tag just to check this.



Thanks anyway.