Creating Hundreds of Links between Cards in 5 Minutes

  • 29 April 2022
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Just wanted to share something I learned this week (which is very useful for a noob like myself).

I’d always been curious if I would be able to bulk-link hundreds of cards to each other based on keywords, and the answer is yes. A use case for this could be that every time the phrase "sales playbook" appears in your knowledge base, Guru will create a card link to the specific card of your choosing with more information about the "sales playbook".

Doing this manually is tedious, but the short method is below.

Using the find and replace Guru sheet and a quick card export, I was able to create hundreds of Guru links to other existing cards from targeted keywords in about 5 minutes using the following steps:

1. Read the instructions on the find and replace sheet and run an export of the relevant collection or boards from the card manager
2. Make a copy of this google sheet, and using the information from your export, copy any keywords you want to target, and their corresponding card ID’s and Card URL’s into the labeled columns.

3. Follow the instructions from left to right on the sheet above as many times as needed.

4. On the Find and Replace sheet, change the "Case Sensitive" and "Include Title" options to "No".

5. Review your changes, and finish up by executing the script according to the instructions.

6. When done, your keywords on all cards from your export should turn into Guru card links.

Hope this helps someone!

2 replies

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@Elliot Shaw this is an incredible hack!! Thanks so much for sharing. You taught me something new today!

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One year later I revisited this process for a business need. I just found an error (additional character) in the sheet that concatenated the link (my apologies if you’ve tried this before and it didn’t work) This has been fixed.