Different rendering views on vs. Guru Chrome Extension

  • 22 December 2022
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This might be a weird situation. We think that the editing/designing possibilities are quite limited in the Guru Card Editor. Therefore, we have made our card design more intractable and flexible by utilizing Markdown (HTML/CSS).

Although, it seems that our cards are “rendered” differently on the website, compared to the Guru Extension. Is there a way to solve this?

Card in Guru Extension:
Card in Guru website


10 replies

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Hi @Pierre Segerström 👋 Are you still having trouble with this Card? If so, I will have Support reach out to you.

Hi @Marie Frei!
Yes, that’s correct. They still render differently on the different alternatives.

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Thanks for confirming, @Pierre Segerström, and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. I’ve let our Support team know and they’ll reach out to you by email with more specific questions.

Hey @Pierre Segerström - I hope you were able to resolve the issue you were having here. I’m curious to know how you’ve created your table of contents. From what I’ve experienced/seen elsewhere in the community, there are issues with using Markdown to create a table of contents for the browser extension, so I’m wondering if you have figured out a way to make it work? We’d love to have a table of contents feature for our cards! 

Hello @Steph Schulz!
I’m currently in touch with the support team. Let’s hope we can resolve the issue 🙏🏻


Hey @Pierre Segerström, I’m also interested in how you have created your table of contents! 

Hey @Marie Frei!
Is there an update on this?
Thank you.

Hey @Marie Frei!
Is there an update on this?
Thank you.

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Hi @Pierre Segerström! Let’s follow up with our Technical Support team. I’ll forward this message now.

Hi @Pierre Segerström!

Unfortunately, there hasn't been any change since we last messaged about this bug. A significant investigation is required to correct this experience in a sustainable and holistic way, and our team is focused on higher-priority bugs and development work at this time.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this causes, and I'm happy to reach out once this bug is able to be investigated and a fix can be found. Please feel free to reach out to Technical Support with any additional issues or concerns.