Do any of you use Guru to manage paid time off?

  • 1 February 2021
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It's snowing here in my small town of NYC! Do any of you guys use Guru to manage PTO or snow day SOP? If so, curious if you use a Knowledge Alert to send it on the day of, or if it's something people just float onto?

6 replies

I absolutely love this use case for Knowledge Alerts @zev. Following :eyes:
+1 great idea and topic @zev!
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Thanks Guru! We're 100% remote so I'm just curious. Tagging some folks for their thoughts! @katie.vermilyea @laura136 @chrissy @rimshaumer01 @julia.berg  @jengray @roger.westerbeek  @ashley  @rrushing  @amanda633   @rajakhurram9393
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Ah, we're 100% remote as well, and have unlimited PTO so we don't use anything like that!
We have a flexible PTO policy, and do have Guru cards explaining the policy as well as holiday calendar:
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We don't have anything like this, but once we start getting HR information into Guru, I'd love to have something available like the cards Chris posted