Do you have any tips for keeping a Knowledge Council engaged?

  • 30 April 2021
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Happy Friday everyone! Show of hands :hand:...who has a Knowledge Council where you work (aka a group of folks responsible for helping to maintain knowledge and uphold established best practices in Guru)? What are some tips for keeping council members engaged and/or leveraging the group to help improve your Guru trust score?

3 replies

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Hey @steven.hoon! I just recently became a Workato customer :slightlysmilingface: so happy to share some thoughts...ultimately, the Council needs to set a benchmark for "what a good card looks like". For us, we use this template for standard "processes" to describe the Purpose, Content and Related Guru Cards. My team really likes having the related guru cards hyperlinked so they have less thinking to do when looking for related knowledge.
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I'd also say, the verification interval choices are very important. I told our Council we are only going to use 3 months and 6 months to start....and so when these cards are now expiring, its a great workflow to "cleanse" the content and refresh it or archive the card if it is duplicative or not being utilized enough (check out in the Analytics tab). You can also send your Council an email every so often with a link to the Verification Queue (it will be personal to each person). I found people just need to be reminded a lot and after ~6 months of nagging it turns into enough people forming sticky Guru habits of verifying knowledge.
Awesome tips, thanks for sharing @kfretz! @steven.hoon I'm going to share a few other resources on this topic that should be helpful:
Guru Deep Dive session w/Mavenlink on forming a Knowledge Council and getting trust score to 90% in 30 days (cc <@UQNQG9D44>)
Knowledge Council meeting deck template
Guru governance tips
Knowledge Base Audit & Governance Cheat Sheet (shout out to @cderupe for this 🙌)