Do you have approval processes set up for your Guru content?

  • 23 February 2021
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Question for the room. Do any of you have approval processes set up for your content in Guru?
Example: If I put together a new card that I want someone in leadership to review before I share it wide with all the sales users...what's the best way to do that?
I'm currently the primary author of all content, and have not yet established the rules I want to use for adding new authors. So this is an interim solution potentially. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks, y'all!!

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3 replies

@John McKoll if you don't select any boards at first, you can select "Specified Users" on the Card Settings screen, and only share it with specific folks you need to review it first, and invite them to leave any comments they have via Card Comments. Once any feedback is incorporated, you can add the Board(s) it should live on and change "Who can access this knowledge?" to Your Guru Team. Would this work for you?specified-users_5575.png
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Oh cool! Yes. For some reason I thought Board access was required to get to this next screen. Very nice, thank you, Chris!!
Of course, any time!