Do you have best practices around using Guru and Slack?

  • 1 April 2021
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Hey everyone! I think I've heard someone say here that they set-up slack bots to answer common questions with guru cards.
Anyone here has done this before, or has other best practices using Guru+Slack to share?

7 replies

@eduardo.vieira here are a few Guru + Slack resources I recommend:
Slack for Guru Admins course
• Guru + Slack how-to articles in our Help Center
Slack's Guru Power Users Share Their Knowledge Management Best Practices 🙌 Slack for AdminsSearch results for: slackSlack
cc @kpearce @aberman @sbhagat any pro tips here to share, especially re: setting up a bot to automatically answer common questions via Guru Cards?
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when someone asks a question that lives within guru, someone else will mark it with the . this sets off a slack workflow to remind the OP to check guru :slightlysmilingface:
Hey Chris and Zev! Appreciate your help 😄
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Our BizTech team built a bot that you can type in a keyword or question and looks up info all across a bunch of different sources and if the answer is in Guru, will reply with a link to the applicable Guru card (it will also prompt you to file a ticket in our internal support system, if that's the right answer!) I don't know how they built it though.
It depends on the structure/purpose of the channel where the questions are being asked (is it used only for questions, are these questions being asked in a channel where discussion also takes place, etc.), what kinds of questions are being asked, if there is a person responding or if you're wanting the bot to search for keywords and auto-respond, etc. There are a few ways to approach a solution - if the solution you're after is to remind ppl to check Guru, the workflow Zev mentioned above is pretty lightweight!
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Wow, ali! Any chance they'll share how they built that?
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I'm checking with our team and will report back!