Does anyone have examples of reporting dashboards that they created for their executive team?

  • 11 January 2022
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The president of our company reached out to me, asking for department stats. Now, we all know Guru is much more than that in their reporting, so would be great if people have insight into what types of analytics they presented to executive teams that have requested information.

Did you compile into a dashboard? Did you compile in a presentation? I just wanted to crowdsource ideas for this!

4 replies

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Hi @Alyssa Huat, great question, thanks for kicking off this discussion! Curious what others can share, but the recent 12 Days of Guru Challenge may give you some helpful inspiration (in particular, this final day): 


Do you know what your president might be most interested in seeing? Or what strategic goals they may be looking to better understand the impact against with Guru?

I’m going to tag in a few folks who may have some ideas and examples to share: @Sara Davatelis @Hassan Muhammad @Ashley W. @Siobhan @Lindsey Hart @Ali Berman 

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Our Community Management team was the first group to use Guru a few years ago. We primarily used it to build troubleshooting and feature overview resources that enabled our team to respond to support inquiries. This past year our people and IT teams moved their wiki to Guru and it was an instant game changer for employees looking for resources of all sorts. The benefit was so obvious, I personally never felt a need to show the success story through data.  


 With that said, I unfortunately don’t have any examples to share, but eager to see what others say. 

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@Ashley W., I have the same thinking that you do! All of our departments have adopted Guru at some level, and we have high daily engagement. This is the best kind of evidence that you can provide for anyone, really.

@Chris Anderson, I am working with @Matt Garren on a new monthly dashboard that will provide a high-level overview of adoption, trust scores, and TBD metrics that we are able to link to Guru. At this time, we have one department that would have the ability to tie Guru to its business/employee performance, so the metrics are mainly going to be limited to Guru stats by department.

We are undergoing a company restructure, so a huge line of thinking is that Guru will also undergo a restructure to accomodate for the changes in knowledge management and ownership across the company. It’s always a WIP!

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Nice, thanks for sharing @Alyssa Huat, would love it if you can keep us posted on your progress and what you come up with!