Does anyone use call outs in Guru Cards?

  • 10 February 2021
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Inspired by this thread with @siobhan and @bwayne, who else does callouts in their Guru cards (via markdown or otherwise)? Can you share some examples via screenshot or public card link in the thread for inspiration?

5 replies

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Let me see if I can gather some! We moved from Help Scout docs to Guru and used a lot in HS, so I know we've moved some to Guru!
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OK @chrisanderson! I have a few answers for you from our team:
1. Currently I resort to emojis and bold for things that should be callouts because you can't easily format them.
2. I've read cards I created with callout boxes before, and totally missed the callout box myself. So I'm probably not using them correctly.🤦 But I have wished they could be formatted to help them stand out more!
3. Ohhhh yeah, I've also thought that block quote option sometimes makes things easier to skip, because of the light grey text color it uses. Why won't they let us format that??! 🤔I really want the highlighted boxes that Help Scout uses!
I'll DM you a few screenshots of how we're using that block quote where we'd really like a brighter "call out" option!
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@chrissy you can also check out what Ali posted in this thread (we use something similar as well)
Here's how we're using callouts. TextExpander shortcuts for the codes helps save time copy/pasting. But it would be great to have a proper callout feature - maybe similar to Notionimage_5466.png

I apologize if this is a silly question, but how did you encase the text in colored boxes like that?  :)


Edit: Oops, it’s the Markdown feature.  Thanks!