Does anyone use Guru to promote digital wellness and fight burnout?

  • 16 June 2021
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YOOO! Happy Hump Day! Curious - does your team use Guru to communicate and empower your employees around digital wellness to avoid employee burnout? What kind of content did you include in Guru to combat this?

4 replies

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Really curious what folks have! I feel like a lot of organizations talk about balance to combat burnout and I always go back and forth on what's realistic for me and my own personal habits. Guru has created a Digital Wellness Charter for individuals to approach this intentionally - feel free to copy and add to your instances!
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Yes! Our HR team has posted some cards that are similar to your "Digital Wellness Charter" on tips of avoid burnout, remote working tips, etc. In addition, they've hosted a few quarterly lunch & learns with different wellness themes, which are then recapped in Guru cards
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Oh cool @renee.osgood ! I love how that's a recurring series. Any new resources there you've found really helpful?

Love this topic @Zev Zoldan, thanks for posting! I’ll share some resources we have in Guru (not sure if I can make it a Public Card so just copy/pasting below):


Help us identify cause and/or source of burnout through 1:1s

  • During your 1:1s with your team members, be sure to check in on their well-being and ability to manage workload.
  • For example,  “What’s on your plate right now that’s overwhelming?” or “Where are you feeling the most stress?”
  • Suggested 1:1 Questions

Create psychological safety through team check ins:

A simple check in question at the beginning of a team meeting - "How are things going?" - can be a great start.

You might also consider using some of the following questions on a regular basis:

  • What are you excited about this week? What are you worried about?
  • When you’re feeling stressed, how do you deal with it?
  • How do you recognize when you’re stressed?
  • How much does your workload change from week to week? How do you feel about that?
  • We as a team are trying to do too much. How does that statement resonate with you? Do you agree or disagree? Why do you have this answer?

Need ideas for other check in questions? Use this tool.

Additional resources: