Fun or beautiful card layouts? It's for our newsletter

  • 5 August 2022
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I’ve been looking at templates for hours. All the templates are for very purpose-driven communications. My team of designers wants to make a beautiful internal Newsletter and I’m trying to push for a Guru card instead.

  • I want to show them what can be done -- and without too much custom code because I also have to do this work. Anyone have something elegant yet also engaging they can share so I can convince visual designers to not overcomplicate this? Again, these are designers who make beautiful things.
  • Also, my thinking is that the email announcement that drives to Guru could be animated or something… let’s get those clicks into Guru!
  • lastly -- thoughts on this idea:  we just create one Newsletter card and update it monthly, adding to the top, instead of “issues” for each month… thoughts on that?

3 replies

Hi @Alex Helton - great topic, and very timely as we’ve been working on this recently! Our Brand team designed some awesome graphics and a style guide for our bi-weekly newsletter which I love. We’re actively working on sharing out these out so anyone can reuse them (coming soon!), but in the meantime, here are some screenshots:


Regarding updating the same Card vs. creating new ones for each newsletter, we’ve opted for the latter, as you can see in the first screenshot, above. Two main reasons why this makes sense for us, and might for you as well:

  1. For folks who may be out on leave, miss a newsletter, or join the company after prior newsletters were sent out, they can easily go back and reference older newsletters.
  2. We send an announcement with each newsletter Card to help increase awareness and engagement, and having one Card per newsletter enables cleaner analytics for Card Views. 

Curious to hear from others on this topic as well!

Being able to customize layouts like the above would be amazing - Can’t wait!

Wow! This is amazing - I’ve been looking for a solution for our internal newsletter as well. Are these templates out now?